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About Us

About Us

Beijing MIIT Intelligence Technology Industry Development Co., LTD

Beijing MIIT Intelligence Technology Industry Development CO., LTD, hereafter this text will be abbreviated as MIITTECH, is a leading group company in the area of Intellect Industry in China.

As a national software and integrated circuit public service platform, MIITTECH builds a strategic cooperation with China Software and Integrated Circuit Promotion Center (CSIP) of Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the PRC to focus on the new era, lead new demands, develop new models, and inherit the new culture of integrating innovative, industrial and financial resources.

Our Business

Our Business

MIITTECH has three major business segments including innovation accelerators, investment and financing division and intelligent industrial cluster. 

Innovation Accelerators

The innovation accelerators are operated by MIITTECH’s sub-company, Zhichuang Workshop (Beijing) Technology Co.Ltd., which is a national-level registered makerspace. We also built an overseas accelerator in Boston together with the Canopy City to promote the science and innovation communication between China and the United States. 

Investment and Financing Division

MIITTECH owns an investment pool with RMB 800+ million and participates in the management of funds sized over RMB 3 billions via cooperating with a large amount of listed companies and investment institutions. Our teams invested 10+ fast-developing companies in the past 3 years. 


Intelligent Industrial Cluster

The company team has more than 20 years’ industry experience, and there are more than 1000 partners from upstream and downstream industry, academic, research, and financial areas. 

Our Commitment and Goal

Our Commitment and Goal

Depending on core value of "Inclusiveness and Openness, Creating and Sharing", MIITTECH integrates industrial resources to serve industrial ecosystem. We help entrepreneurs to transform and popularize their achievements by providing industrial resources. In addition, we promote capital cooperation and appreciation by recommending promising projects, and foster industrial and consumption upgrade by offering intelligent solutions. 

MIITTECH is becoming an international leading platform for intelligent industry’s innovation and resources by radiating from the headquarter in Beijing to the whole country, driving regional economy by building regional centers with local characteristics and achieving mutual complementation from international cooperation and integration.

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Beijing MIIT Intelligence Technology Industry Development CO.,LTD.

Address: MIITTECH Building,#10 Bowang Park,Yangfangdian,Haidian District, Beijing